30 million people of Kurdish tradition, culture, and language reside between several countries.

Duhok Province, Northern Iraq. The area where Zara grew up. The mountains that she so loved.
Tigris River and mountains near Erbil, Iraq, where Zara’s friend Peri came from and where her Aunt Birca lived.
Mountains above Siirt, Turkey, where Zara settled with her great grandmother Sara.

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Ava Homa is a Kurdish author, journalist, and speaker. Her book, ECHOES FROM THE OTHER LAND, provides a series of vignettes about the lives of Kurdish women. I thank her for her editorial and cultural advice on the Matriarch Matrix and her wisdom on helping make Zara a stronger female lead character.

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The Kurdish Project website has nice overviews of Kurdish history, culture, and their struggles.



Photos have been licensed from Dreamstime.com

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