“I am not the villain. Only the intolerant would say so.”

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Alexander Murometz. “The” Alexander Murometz. Chairman of MoxWorld Holdings. And Chairman of several other holding companies spanning the world. As of the turn of this decade, in 2020, I have put the former giants of several leading industries into dismay including the digital giants that dominated the early 2000’s. Some people accuse me of having created this empire through bribery, intimidation, and even subversively making my adversaries disappear. Critics. Those who are not so successful are always jealous of those who are.

What is your role in the story?

I suspect if you were one of my critics, you would say I was the villain – the world’s most powerful villain. But as I explained my newest protégée, Peter Gollinger, the bad guy is only a function of who is telling the story. In reality, I consider myself the hero of this story. I cannot fathom why so many people want to see me punished, even killed, by the end of the story. Because I shot my own son because of my little Zara? Because I asked her to shoot Peter as well for the very same reasons? Loose ends need to be tidied up. I cannot let my adversaries get their genetic materials, can I?

The greatest secret of mankind today is not how my industry leading digital devices have infinite connectivity and battery life, how my military technologies have the world’s greatest nations begging for my favor, but how Zara, Peter, and I have the closest genetics to the originators – the ancient patriarch who found the ancient artifact, the object he called it. The source of infinite power will come from the object. The fate of the world will be mine to command once I have found the object.

What is your favorite hobby?

Pondering The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli. I should write a better treatise, a more contemporary one than his. He was a failure complaining about why he failed. I am a winner and I know better. But I have not the time to correct his misperceptions.

However, my board members, my key executive committee members would say my hobby, the “object” of my distractions from the businesses they wish to have my unfettered focus, is the singular pursuit of solving the mysteries of the oral traditions that come from my genetic ancestors. I convinced this Jesuit priest, who is the confident of the Holy Pontiff, to renounce his vows to come join me. He used the Vatican records to crack the code of the oral traditions that have been passed down through generations of the ancient patriarch’s descendants. His work with the Vatican records combined with my personal and genetic data discretely collected from everyone who uses my MoxWorld devices allowed us to reconstruct the words and genetics of the ancient patriarch and, of course, his wife. Only those with their genetics can access the power of the object.

Tomb of philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli

What challenges are you trying to overcome?

Zara. In one word. Zara. My little Zara. She does not know how important her genetics are to the future of mankind. I dare not tell her as she is very impetuous and might do something rash. I had her under control for a while after I saved her from her ISIS captures who held her in slavery, daily violation, for more than a year. She worked as my most trusted agent of making those who were in my way disappear in the same way she also made those who tortured and violated her disappear. But she snapped. Impetuous. She and my son were perfect as the-would-be new parents of the children who would be even closer to the originators than she or I. But she wouldn’t pair bond with him. So I shot my son for his failure. The same as I would do and have done to anyone who fails me.

And now there’s Peter. Peter Gollinger, a meek, mild-manner, editor from California. From the other side of the world from Kurdistan, where Zara grew up. Father Jean-Paul tells me that his genetics are even better than those of my failure son. I have a second chance if only I can convince Zara to love him and be physically intimate together. Well, if they cannot be in love, then sex will do. But Zara has become so zealously religious, devout in her Sufi Islamic faith, since I saved her from her tormentors. I doubt she would have sex for sex sake. So they must fall in love. Her definition of love. I fear the fate of the world is in trouble as he is just not her type. Will he love in the way she needs to see him love?

If you could make one wish, what would you wish for?

The oral tradition says “The object can save. But only for the man and woman together. Together, guide the salvation of others.” I wish that my stubborn little Zara who thinks women should rule the world – all that feministic ideology she learned from the Kurdish Peshmerga and YPJ, my Zara who likely would twistedly think the words of the originating patriarch were not as important as his wife, my Zara who would likely only respect the words of a matriarch, I wish she would soften for just a moment and let Peter in. Spiritually, emotionally, romantically, and most important for my procreation mission, physically in. But I am more likely to be ruler of the world than her ever consenting to Peter. Alas, mankind is lost.


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