“Aliens. They brought the object to Earth. It is their way of communicating to us. Think about it. We find the object together, and on behalf of mankind, we will talk with them….We will find our aliens and the object and talk with them about anything they want to talk about.”

Alexander Murometz, Chairman of MoxWorld Holdings, May 13, 2021

“Aliens landed with the long-tailed star, which was their spaceship descending through the atmosphere. The oral tradition said, ‘Only the giants of the reindeers prospered, because of power from this star.’ The giants were descendants of the aliens. They had extraordinary powers and advanced technologies. They built all these monolithic buildings, which we cannot fathom how our prehistoric ancestors could have built. Your Crimean pyramids, the temples at Göbekli Tepe.”

Peter Gollinger, May 15, 2021

The Appeal of Aliens in our Antiquity

July 28, 2017. 9pm. A million pairs of eyeballs are fixed to the History Channel. The strongest rating lies among the 50 years old plus category. Twelve seasons, 130+ episodes, first airing in 2009, “The Ancient Aliens” series is alive and well.

Long before this hit series, books, comics, and films have extolled the premise that aliens or extra-terrestrials have influenced human evolution, history, culture, and maybe even religion. The following is but a partial list of notable media. Why this belief or desire to believe is so strong in the 50+ crowd may be found in the influence of fiction and film media.

The Matriarch of Theosophy

1888. Ukrainian immigrant Helen Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society in New York City, publishes her seminal book, The Secret Doctrine, where she proposes embodies the “wisdom of the ages” as she learned in her trips into Central Asia and Tibet. This “wisdom” comes from ancient higher beings coming from other planets who have watched over the human race over time.

“It is useless to say that the system in question is no fancy of one or several isolated individuals. That it is the uninterrupted record covering thousands of generations of Seers whose respective experiences were made to test and to verify the traditions passed orally by one early race to another, of the teachings of higher and exalted beings, who watched over the childhood of Humanity. That for long ages, the “Wise Men” of the Fifth Race, of the stock saved and rescued from the last cataclysm and shifting of continents…”

In the later part of The Secret Doctrine, she traces ancient influencers to Seven Key Root Races, including those from the lost civilizations of Hyperborea, Lemuria, and Atlantis. She refers to the Fourth Race as the Giants, who were affected by the Great Flood – a theme exposed in Nanshe storyline in The Matriarch Matrix.

“….there seems to be no serious objection to the supposition that the first “great flood” had an allegorical, as well as a cosmic meaning, and that it happened at the end of the Satya Yuga, the “age of Truth,” when the Second Root Race, “The Manu with bones,” made its primeval appearance as “the Sweat-Born. The Second Flood — the so-called “universal” — which affected the Fourth Root Race (now conveniently regarded by theology as “the accursed race of giants,” the CAINITES, and “the sons of Ham”) is that flood which was first perceived by geology.”

Ancient Alien Stories over the Last Seventy Years

Very retro Sci-Fi fans might remember the 1940’s “Shaver Mystery”, a story told by Richard Sharpe Shaver recounting an ancient race of aliens whose offspring lived beneath the Earth’s surface and whose influence could be traced to many of the misfortunes or disasters in human history. An editor of Amazing Stories published Shaver’s story in 1945 and the ancient alien theme became a common feature in future issues of this magazine for the next three years. Amazing Stories even published pictures of flying saucers in their Shaver Mystery derivative stories. Did the UFO craze of the 1950’s stem from these science fiction stories of the previous decade?

Then the 60’s. 1968 was a big year for ancient aliens. The film 2001: A Space Odyssey opened with a mysterious black monolith influencing a prehistoric group of hominids around four million BCE. First teaching them how to use tools and then ultimately how to use these tools as weapons of war. In that same year, the book Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past by Erich von Däniken is published proposing the same – ancient aliens influence human use of technology. The book outlines art and structures pointing to aliens having had contact with our ancestors. He points to different passages in the Old Testament as possible alien-human contact.

But someone in their early 50’s today would have only been an infant to toddler when these two seminal films and book released in 1968. More than likely, someone in their 50’s who has a proclivity towards the ancient astronaut concept was influenced by media in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

1973, NBC broadcasts Twilight Zone star Rod Sterling hosting a documentary called Chariots of the Gods, In Search of Ancient Astronauts, which reached an audience of 28 million in its first airing – perhaps the first broad mainstream exposure of the ancient astronaut concept.

In 1976, Marvel Comics publishes The Eternals, a series about an extraterrestrial race who perform genetic experiments on proto-humans five million years ago leading to beings with super human capabilities.

1977 was the year of two landmark science fiction films gone mainstream. Star Wars, grossing over $700 million and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, grossing over $300 million. These films brought into the mainstream conscious the notion of advanced civilizations in the far reaches of space and, in the case of the latter, that contact has been made with man in the past and present.

A person the age of 50 today would have been a year old when the Chariots of the Gods was popular. But on the other hand, they would have been 10 years old when Star Wars and Close Encounters premiered. And they would have been 24 to 25 years old when The X-Files premiered in 1993 and the film Star Gate premiered in 1994. The latter along with the television series, Star Gate SG-1, propose that the ancient Egyptian and Norse gods were aliens who interceded with human culture and religion. Is it the Star Wars/Close Encounter generation driving the interest in aliens in antiquity?

In recent times, author A.G. Riddle published The Atlantis Gene, a science fiction thriller which traces numerous events in human history to a pair of warring alien races. The current descriptor for this book states over two million copies sold in 32 countries and 23 languages. The notion of ancient aliens and their genetic influence on mankind remains extremely popular.

“Let’s not discount the possibility that this object is a device for communication with the aliens who profoundly influenced human history. I agree with Alexander about the monolith hypothesis. It’s like 2001: A Space Odyssey, where the monoliths were technology from aliens sent to influence the development of humankind. They somehow changed our DNA and changed our evolution. My DNA aberrations, they were caused by this alien object, which zapped my prehistoric forefathers.”

Peter Gollinger, May 15, 2021

Did Aliens Influence Mankind’s Technologic Development?

Many of the ancient astronaut programs and websites use the ancient marvels of engineering and architecture as evidence that aliens must have guided our technologic development. The Giza Pyramids, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, all works of wonder raising question if mankind in those eras had the engineering knowledge to create these structures. In Peru, there are a number of structures other than Machu Picchu which raise this same question.

Over 100 tons and perfectly fit without motar.

Sacsayhuaman is a temple-fortress sitting high above the Andean city of Cuzco. Built in the 15th century, the site features walls built from polygonal monolithic stones weighing upwards of 100 tons. They are perfected mitered and fitted among each other without the use of mortar.


Monolithic stones perfectly mitered and fitted together.

Likewise, the Ollantaytambo ruins in the Sacred Valley linking Cuzco to Machu Picchu and the Amazons is built upon massive monolithic blocks that were quarried on a mountainside on the opposite side of a river valley. A race more ancient than the Incas is credited with building these foundations. How did they possess the engineering know how to quarry and shape these stones?

The monolithic stone base was built before the Inca
Down the ramp to the other side of the valley. Megalithic stones were quarried on the mountain side across the valley.









Did aliens create God or did God create aliens?


The Matriarch Matrix, this question is a theological and philosophical divide between ex-Jesuit Father Jean-Paul Sobiros and Peter Gollinger, who grew up watching X-Files and Star Gate with his father, the latter likely an Ancient Aliens viewer as well. Father Jean-Paul Sobiros sat on the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology and a Vatican working group on extraterrestrial affairs. Peter on the other hand through tragic life events became an atheist believing aliens must have been involved in mankind’s past. Who will prevail between the two of them?

The character of Peter Gollinger embodies the theosophy of one who abandoned the belief in a supreme deity guiding us spiritually due to a tragic moment in his life. Without religious belief, he naturally gravitated to the attractive notion that alien beings guided us through history. And then he meets Zara, who through many tragic moments in her life, renews her deep spiritual faith and returned to her Sufi roots. Who will prevail between the two of them?

Similar to The Atlantis Gene, The Matriarch Matrix is a multi-layered, multi-story line interwoven plot centered around aliens, ancient interventions, mysterious buildings/artefacts, and the influence of altered genetics on the protagonists. The latter takes these topics into the philosophical, the spiritual aspects of the three protagonists’ personal, familial, redemption and search for inner peace.

“Aliens did this. They did this to us, Zara and me. They are speaking here on this medallion.” With a serious face, he looks into Jean-Paul’s eyes and asks again, “What are you going to do when we talk with the aliens? The moment of truth is coming shortly. Are you going to ask if they are God? Are you willing to cross that line, admitting that thousands of years of religious belief is simply about ‘beings from another world,’ as Professor Schmidt said about these giant figures?”

Peter Gollinger, May 26, 2021

“Maybe the question should be, ‘Did God make them too?’ Peter, for all you know, we might be worshipping the same God together, mankind and your aliens.”

Father Jean-Sobiros, May 26, 2021

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